Why won't Europe deport all Muslims and be done with terrorism?


By Khodeir Tahir


Translation to English by Abdullah Al Araby


Countries have the right to protect themselves and to guarantee the safety of their citizens from terrorism. It is obvious that the sources of criminal acts of terrorism in Europe and America are their Muslims communities.


Wherever Muslims live, the outcome is always acts of terrorism and murder. This will continue as long as nobody knows the intentions of people, and can not separate the honorable immigrant from the criminal terrorist.


Not all Muslims in Europe and America are prone to get involved in terrorism. The problem is that even those Muslims, most of them don't have any sense of loyalty to the nations that provided them housing, education, employment opportunities and the right  to  citizenship. Unfortunately, most Muslims, but not all, betray the favor shown them by these good countries and engage in forgery, fraud, and bank embezzlement schemes.


This brings a legitimate question: Since the security systems in these countries can't discern good immigrants from the bad who break the laws, in an effort to free themselves of terrorism and protect their citizens, why don't they simply deport all Muslims regardless of their ethnicities from Europe and America?


As a Muslim immigrant from an Arabic background, I sincerely, call upon the European and American nations to kick out every Muslim, including myself, even though I love and am loyal the country I live in, the USA. Muslims like me have been shamed and embarrassed by the criminal and despicable acts of Muslims of all ethnicities.  We don't deserve to enjoy the benefit of living in these generous and civilized countries which we constantly betray and return kindness with criminal and treacherous stabs in the back.